The Death of Agith'maal

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By: Azurin Posted on: January 27, 2006

At the very climax of the Black Wave, a Tsol'teth Overlord known as Agith'maal, along with his armies and the other Tsol'teth, threatened to destroy the Empire of Seleucar, and rid Sapience of the mortal races that had claimed it as home. It was a moment that had been prophecized and prepared for, but would that be enough? This is Agith'maal's account of those terrible hours:

As I surveyed the battlefield, I thought of the prophecy. Only one word, did we glean from the demon Pazazu. But in the end, it was enough. "Seleucar". I could not have asked for a more symbolic victory over these pathetic surface dwellers. They currently retreated to the shrines in their cities, as if their powerless gods would be able to save them. But I too had tricks, for I am the mightiest of the Tsol'teth, the overlord of destruction. I am Agith'maal, and this land is mine.

Blademaster Matic looked over at me, asking what I would do next. He was unsure of his next move, I could sense his confusion, Such weakness was the reason for our conquest in the beginning. He showed the weaknesses that we had left him with, unlike the purified hobgoblins. Eventually, I thought, we shall make Matic as pure as the rest. "Look to the city, Matic. Do you see the shrines that these cowards flock to? I have already killed a score of the stragglers, using their own comrades to do them in. This is the might of the Tsol'teth, Matic. None can stand against us!"

At that point, I explained to the weaklings how their insignificant gods would not save them. Calling upon the dark powers, I channeled energy through their shrines, which were hardly a match for my wrath. Brilliant and thunderous explosions rose from the city, and large chunks of debris could be seen hurtling through the air as the protection of these weak Divinities left my prey.

"Do you see, Blademaster Ridley, no force is left to stop us in this realm!"

He glanced up at me again, his face betraying his weakness. "Look," I said, pointing to the fields where the disloyal stragglers were being finished, "Even your once-weak hobgoblin brothers are strong under me!" Matic stepped back, a look of anger spreading over his face. It was understandable... Some creatures lack the willpower to face their own shortcomings. That is why I am their Overlord. I remember Matic's reluctance when I commanded him to lead the goblin slaves to their death. They were weak, but with the dark powers and the spirals of future creation, we crafted them into something strong. That was the key to our power, embracing strength. The surface races were too confused to see this reality.

I called out to the cowardly dogs: "Ha ha ha ha hah! Now you see the futility of your struggles! I shall devour your souls, humans! I shall rip your innards! I shall-"*

All at once, the rays of the cursed sun pierced into me. I felt for my cloak of darkness, but it was gone. Behind me, I heard the unmistakble rasping voice of Matic Ridley. "Master Blue Dark! This is for my people!" He plunged a blade into my back, and my already burning flesh was pierced deeply. "FOOL!" I bellowed to him. "you cannot stop my reign!" "I should have weeded your weakness out at the beginning, you ininsufferable wretch!" Matic twisted the blade inside me, and replied, "You did not make my people stronger, you destroyed them." My fists clenched, as I found myself unable to turn and rend him to pieces like he deserved. Matic continued to speak about the things the hobgoblins had lost in the change, but his voice was drowned out as I slipped into the darkness.

My heart slowly beat once more, flowing with the energy of Anzari-tarin. I rose to my feet, ignoring the stinging feeling from that awful sun. "Fools! You can never defeat me as long as this heart beats within my chest! Now, die!"*

As I rose, I saw several warriors taking that traitorous scoundrel, Matic, away. I pointed my finger toward him to exact vengance for his cowardice, but instead found my powers too weak. I filled his mind with the most vile curses in all of Anzari-tarin and Tezlari-tarin combined, and my mind was filled with rage to think I could not do more.

A battalion of soldiers advanced toward me. Arrogant dogs! They still didn't understand. They could kill me a dozen times, but in the end I would prevail. Their charge met my ranks, and I slew the weaklings one by one. I felt a terrible pain in my right side as one of their axes fell on me. I turned to face the detestable surface-dweller, my side collapsing in pain. I pierced his chest as my consciousness slipped away once more. It... doesn't matter... I'll return shortly...

My soul retched violently, and in my mind I could see one of them cutting into my body. I tried to enter my body again, but my power was not enough. Once again I cursed Seleucar, the mortal races, that damnable Pazazu, and most of all, the filthy cur of a hobgoblin, Matic. A flash of pain severed my thoughts as one of them consumed my heart. I could no longer see my body, only the thoughts of this mortal.

"Adchachel," I whispered...
"I will consume you..."

* quotes marked with a '*' taken from Gren Rafale, Telepathic Transmissions: A Reconstruction of the Black Wave