The Birth of Keresis

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By: Wivylma Posted on: July 01, 2006

In years so long ago no mortal mind can count their span
There lived a Dreadlord great, who knew mercy not nor pain
In the Chaos Wars she fought beside her Lord Shaitan
Bravely did she fight, leaving numberless foes slain.
Her enemies surrounded her in raging battle's tide
With arrows she was riddled, and a sword pierced through her side.

Her Lord perceived her lying there, her body's strength unbound
So faithful was her service even death could not demean
He rushed through battle terrible to take her from the ground
For He perceived that her fate was to live in times unseen.
And so He called to brother Thoth and bargained for her soul,
"It is not her destiny to live in Your control."

Gently then He raised her up and took her soul in hands
And though her life was nearly gone a flicker lingered still
This He bound into a vase and sealed it with commands
To heal until it was the time to its fate fulfill.
A giant python guarded her while she for ages slept
And many stones the secret of her dwelling silent kept.

Arnora of the Blackrock clan awoke from restless dream
One Phaestian when the voice she'd heard all life seemed bold and clear
And when she tried to heed it not, the stronger did it seem
That  voice which told her now to dig a passage in rock sheer.
She ran to join the others who were digging at the stone-
"Dig!  The time has come to bare the passage to My home."

Perhaps the same voice lingered in the thoughts of Mhaldorus
He answered all who spoke to him with howl and with twitch
The citizens were puzzled, wished to know what caused the fuss
'Twas Jerkin who first bid them seek out Vinia, black witch.
They found her living in her house, deep in Darkenwood
And begged her tell of Infernus Occulum what she could.

The witch agreed to help, if her one demand be met:
That they make known to all any knowledge they received
They gave their word; She gave a book and chuckled as they went
For she knew that the tome would not do what they believed.
Vinia asked Tyrea to share the news with all
She in turn told all she could- the word ran near and far.

The book was written by a scholar who spoke of a spot
Where he had seen a toppled statue standing in his dream
All rushed through the forest, and they dilligently sought
Though some would rather find it not and leave the tome unseen.
When Skye found the place she called the others with a shout
Mhaldorian and Shallamese, they gathered round about.

They pushed the statue long and hard, willing it to turn
'Till with one final shove it rolled to show the book below
Tyn nimbly snatched it up, towards her city to return
Where all wished to see what the Occulum would show.
A map rose when she touched the book, and a dark cave showed
While a mist of scarlet hue all around it billowed.

They knew the cave was Blackrock, and the fog their own island
Mhaldorians set forth to look around the Dwarves' great pit
While Tyn put the Occulum into Samadhi's hand
And she went off to lure away those who wished to find it.
Samadhi put his hand to book and saw the map once more
And a digging dwarf who was not visible before.

'Twas then Arnora gave a shout to bring her restless kin
Mhaldorian and dwarf gathered to her ringing call
As with one final stroke the wall in front of her fell in
And left some hidden passageways visible to all.
They entered and explored around the twisting ways within
Until a single slab of rock at last halted them.

They gazed at it and saw in the centre of its face
A dent which was carved in the likeness of a crow
Samadhi took the Occulum and put it in its place
The rock was cracked and crumbled to a chamber show.
The image of the crow then soared into the skies
And all of Sapience looked upon it, wonder in their eyes.

They who dared to step within beheld an altar square
Twisting out of it there seemed to grow a giant vase
A vicious python twined about to guard the vase with care<
Arnora crept toward it, fear and pleasure in her face.
"Kill it- Kill the snake," whispered she with bated breath
They rushed to do her bidding, and they gave the snake to death.

Samadhi reached to touch the vase, which crumbled 'neath his hand
Up from it danced a sphere of violet flame, clear and bright
The flame increased in heat, and its tendrils did expand
Until the Goddess burst out from the centre of the light.
"I have felt your pain and your desire for revenge,"
So She spoke, and silence fell, and trembling lips did clench.

Though all the Garden silence kept on that day when You came
Still we kneel before You in the same awe they did feel
They who first beheld Your flames, the answer to our pain
Who saw the serpent and the crow their paths in You reveal.
Never was there any day more full of mortal bliss
Than that day when Your lips first said, "I am Keresis."