The Bells of Cyrene (Qontal Bardic)

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By: Qontal Posted on: February 21, 2007

The melodious clock tower bells
Call me home to sweet Cyrene.
No matter where I am in the city
My heart feels its joyous song.
The sound is like a bright light
Shining against snow capped mountains.

Each morning in the mountains
The echo of the clock tower bells
Greets dawn's first ray of light.
"Wake up!" call the bells to Cyrene.
No citizen can resist the song
That greets each new day in the city.

Noon, and in each part of the city
That sits hidden in the mountains
Citizens hear the happy noontime song
Of those chiming, singing bells.
In all the restaurants in Cyrene
The windows stream with noon light.

Somewhere in the pale afternoon light
Romance blossoms in this fair city.
A young couple has come to Cyrene
Having travelled over the mountains.
With the blessing of the ringing bells
Two hearts join in a single song.

From the Darkenwood, Dusk brings song
That warns of a visit from Twilight.
The song of Dusk, played by the bells,
Is heard from each point in the city.
The shadow of the snow capped mountains
Grows as night falls upon Cyrene.

Hark! Midnight has come to Cyrene.
The hourglass turns with the song
Of the bells. Far past the mountains
Stygian darkness has kidnapped all light.
From here to there all about the city
A promise of a new day sings the bells.

And as dawn's first light falls over Cyrene
A happy song rings out all across the city
As the bells echo once more off the mountains.