The Bard's March or The Road to Tasur'ke

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By: Sancero Posted on: May 30, 2006

-The Bard's March-
-The Road to Tasur'ke-

I remember the day I stepped out of the Flame
and I had just a vial and some robes to my name.
I was young and resilient,
both handsome and brilliant,
so I quickly set out to find fortune and fame.

My first stop was Delos. I hiked long and far
to pick my vocation, which wasn't too hard.
With such a great voice
there was never a choice:
I was born for the glamorous life of a Bard!

Certimene taught me my new set of skills,
sent me out to the world of fine wine and cheap thrills.
I'd soon earn the title
of Sapience Idol
and all of my dreams would at last be fulfilled.

But one little problem still stood in my way:
A Bard's not a Bard if he hasn't a blade.
But where does a boy
get a sharp pointy toy
if his pockets are empty and he can't even pay?

I went to meet Vellis and got me a net
'cause butterfly-catching seemed to be a sure bet.
Ratting ain't easy
if rats make you queasy
and besides, I'd no blade for to skewer them yet.

I spent days catching bugs around Great Rock and Pash.
My unders were chafed and I'd developed a rash.
But that's how things go
when you're dirt poor, you know?
Oh, the trials we endure just to earn some quick cash!

At last I had got enough gold for a blade,
so I pestered a Runie to get me one made.
He hammered and toiled
'til he'd crafted a foil
that was worthy of my artistic crusade.

And 'lo! I was ready to Bard with the best.
To sing and weave tales and all of the rest.
In awe they would watch as
I buckled my my swashes...
Just as soon as I got my new rapier blessed.

The road to Tasur'ke is grueling and long.
It took ages to chance on the Grotto of Song.
I halted, then stepped in
and lifted my weapon
and prayed that I didn't do anything wrong.

I stood and I savored the melody here
as it bathed and enveloped my shiny rapier.
But what would I do
when the blessing was through?
I'd nip off to Hashan for a nice mug of beer.