The Ballad of the Months

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By: Eitheladar Posted on: February 25, 2006

In Sarapin I traveled to the northern wastelands cold
And snow did cover everything in pristine white.
O Sarapis, the Logos! Let creation now unfold:
May the new year begin under Your guiding light.

In Daedalan I walked in Ashtan, Bastion of the North,
And saw both good and evil thrive within its walls.
Such is the age-old balance that Lord Daedalus brought forth -
Now let the winter end, as lively springtime calls!

In Aeguary near to Thera's ruins did I stand,
Midst memories of destruction, fire, war and blood.
By Lord Aegis! In the end, ours was the upper hand,
But look how spring paints red each tiny little bud.

In Miraman I visited the Jewel of the East,
And watched the sunlight shine on golden dome and wall.
The Lady Miramar upholds her rule of Justice there
Just like the warmth of spring spreads out to one and all.

In Scarlatan I climbed the slopes up to Caer Witrin
To watch the pretty snow-blossoms that bloom so fair.
Great Bard! O Lord Scarlatti! All the birds with Your voice sing,
As they build nests and sing in the clear mountain air.

In Ero I arrived alone at lovely Cyrene's gates
And wished that my beloved was right there in my arms.
Come, Eros, lovers' patron! Show me where my true love waits,
And in this summer may I learn her many charms.

In Valnuary, slowly to Lake Vundamere I went
To listen to the waves sigh on the pebble shore.
Sweet dreams from Lady Valnurana to me were then sent
Of golden summers - oh, I could not wish for more.

In Lupar I took up the woods and forests as my home
And all the fawns and birds were then my merry friends.
Wild Lupus, God of Beasts who over Sapience freely roam,
May You protect and guard them as the summer ends!

In Phaestian I toiled along the paths to Inbhir Ness,
Where Dwarves yet dwell, secluded from the outer world.
O Phaestus the Smith! Your children and all craftsmen bless,
As light wanes, autumn's chilly sails are now unfurled.

In Chronos to a monastery cold, to Shala'jen,
I made my way, and traveled to the ancient past.
Chronos, Aeon, Lord of Time - He showed me what was then,
But their life's autumn had caught up with them at last.

In Glacian my feet stumbled as to Mhaldor's gates they came:
I shivered as the heartless evil I beheld.
But lo, Lord Glacius! Now, all but forgotten is Thy name,
Gone now Your dreadlords, vanquished - they, too, have been felled.

In Mayan I saw the Siroccians, my road led me there,
And at a lofty Shrine I stood 'neath skies of blue.
Great Mother, Maya! Hearken now to Your child's lonely prayer,
As the year ends, may all our lives be blessed by You.