Temple of the Beastlords

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Hidden in Great Rock is the powerful sect in the Temple of the Beastlord.


Deep in the Great Rock, the shadows whisper. A small band of talented cultists have drifted into deeper secrecy from the cult of the Beastlords to turn their attention to the greater use of their power. Hoping to expand their knowledge, they have drawn together as brothers and sisters to create a devastating new sect. Using the tunnels as their home, little attention has been paid to where they are, and their secret rituals go unwatched... until now.


Late in Chronos 572AF, the tunnel to the Temple collapsed. A bloodied acolyte, aided by those of Sapience opened up the tunnel to enable him to return home. At once The Occultists set to protecting its Chaotic meanings and rituals whilst others tried to destroy it.

The same acolyte can be found outside the tunnel, clearing the never ending rubble and muttering about the eventful day he got his new job.