Temple of Destruction

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The Temple of Destruction is hidden beneath the Granite Hills. It is the temple of Makali, Goddess of Destruction.

Beside the Urubamba River, part of a hill has collapsed to form a crevice in the ground. Within, roughly hewn granite steps lead downwards to a stone archway marked by a glittering black spiral and continue into the earth to an underground river dock.

Small, red-and-black dragon boats convey visitors along an underground river of water and fire. The ride begins drifting through lotus blossoms but becomes ever rougher, until rapids and an inferno of raging flames surround the boat. The dock at the other end leads into a narrow cave and further into a massive cavern, which opens up into the temple gardens, wherein numerous delicate, black moths flutter. A black, cobblestone pathway in the shape of an hourglass winds through the gardens; the north half contains the ruins of many statues, while fountains line the path at the southern half, each one broken in some way.

The path meets itself in front of a destroyed marble tower covered in vines. The interior tells a similar story, the library and cathedral within both touched by decay.

Ausippe, the Swift-Wing resides within the Temple.