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Hey Maya, I noticed you had:

The [*[Category:City-states|City-states]*] of Ashtan, Hashan, Cyrene, and Eleusis, as well as many cityless rogues, joined forces to attempt to rescue the divine child.

((*'s added so the coding wouldn't work. Deliberate))

For some reason, when you read it, the word "city-states" didn't appear where you put it, at all. It appeared as a category down the bottom, due to it being linked as a category. So it read "The of Ashtan...". I have changed it to "citizens" and linked all city names. Fix as needed! --Azzie 07:05, 19 Jul 2005 (GMT)

I put 326 as the year this took place, since this is when the actual fighting took place, but the entry states that the war started when Pandemonium was kidnapped (309 AF) even though there was no fighting yet. Would it be best to change the year of the war to 309-326, or leave it just as 326? Dumas 17:28, 7 April 2007 (GMT)Dumas

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