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Can someone up date this to show that Meri is now the Arch? I would.. but err.. it's 1:30am, I have had "a few" and I don't know how to edit tables yet and I am too scared I will break it. Thanks. -Azzie 15:22, 21 Oct 2005 (GMT)

Done! - Delphinus 22:56, 21 Oct 2005 (GMT)

Since the Prelacy has said that honourary members of the Church are now Imithians, instead of laymembers, I have changed that here. - Misdun 16:58, 14 Aug 2006 (GMT)

I don't have the dates for the terms of the most recent Archprelates/Imithian Prelates. Rho imagines he's been at it for less than a year (making his start date 456 or 457), and he said Tanaar only did it for about a year, so figure out from there what Tanaar's starting date as Archprelate and end date for Imithian are (which will also tell you when Vivienne started). --Krypton 21:51, 22 August 2007 (GMT)

I made everything here past tense, and got rid of that icky Paladin/Guardians of Light/Templar name confusion. Halos 05:08, 8 July 12 (GMT)


  • Public news posts 1668 - 1770 - Eris and Rezzo discuss the church in relation to honouring Divine Orders.
  • PUBLIC NEWS #1671, 1699, 1703 - The church has brought the wrath of Zsarachnor to the realm.

Madelyne 17:11, 3 April 2007 (GMT)