Talisman of custody

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A talisman of custody allows its owner to beneficently take experience loss in place of a lower-level adventurer. The owner breaks off a piece and gives it to an adventurer with less experience. If that adventurer dies whilst both are wearing the talisman pieces in realms, the lower levelled adventurer loses nothing and the owner takes a portion of the intended loss. This loss is incremental up to ten deaths.

At first the owner will only lose the same experience the lower-leveled person would. After ten deaths, the owner will lose 10% of the experience loss of their companion and 90% of the experience loss they would have suffered had they truly died themselves in their place. The talisman shatters on the tenth death, but it recharges all of its uses once a month. Shaking the talisman makes it whole again to cancel the bargain and touching it reveals who holds the other piece.

Talisman Powers

Deaths XP loss
1 100/0
2 90/10
3 80/20
4 70/30
5 60/40
6 50/50
7 40/60
8 30/70
9 20/80
10 10/90