Sulis and Thomas - A Trilogy

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By: Kiusha Posted on: May 30, 2007

Only love ...

Thomas first caught Sulis' eye when he wrote her this love letter.

Sulis, rose of my heart

That is what you have been since the day I first saw you and inhaled your heavenly scent. I only came for a bath, that day. But ever since I cannot seem to stay away from you.

I park my carriage on Merrilon Avenue, right outside the baths, when my services are not needed, in hopes of catching a glimpse of your beautiful curls, and when I do not even the rudest customer can spoil the day for me.

When I have the time I make my way inside, seemingly to take a bath, but mostly to see you smile and be handed a towel by your incredibly soft hands.

I know you have not noticed my increasing number of visits, as your beauty leaves me in awe, and I can barely speak a word in your presence. In contrast, your voice is as melodical as a nightingale's evening song, and every word you say is like a serenade, with the splashing water your humble accompaniment. I know I disappear into the scenery when you take the spotlight, but I don't mind. I am content just to be touched by the rays of your sunny smile.

I know I am but a carriage driver, and I have very little to offer you. But I will offer all I can, my heart, my soul, my life, if you would only consider sharing your smile with me.

I would like to offer you a free tour of the city. You spend so much time inside, I think you might enjoy the fresh air. We'll go see all the sights, the Imperium, the Lyceum, the Pantheon, and of course the Icerune Crater. And I know a few special places that aren't so well known, you'll see! If you want to come, of course.

I hope you will go with me, and maybe someday even find a place in your heart for me, if only a small corner.

Forever only yours,

...can burn so bright ...

After a hesitant first date the couple rushed into a whirlwind romance, as attested to by this hastily scribbled poem Sulis wrote.

Lyceum Gardens (Kyrielle)

A patio picnic ends at dusk,
And soon I drown in scents of musk.
Your arms, so strong, feel like a prize.
We're whirling with the fireflies.

The nightly Gardens, magical,
Do much for us, bemuse, enthrall,
And while my spirit's on the rise,
We're whirling with the fireflies.

In Gardens lit by crescent moon
The night will end so far too soon
For underneath the starry skies
We're whirling with the fireflies.

----- leave such bitter ashes.

Their romance ended as quickly as it began, and Thomas still longs for his everlasting love.

Thomas' Lament (Sonnet)

Oh, fool was I to think love called my name
When I was never worthy of your smile.
My jealousy has only brought you shame,
And we were only happy for a while.

It is your job to see to other men,
Provide them with the rays of summer sun.
Oh, why did I not realize it then,
Instead of pushing you until you'd gone?

My heart will ever burn to hear you laugh,
Although I'll never hold you in my arms.
I feel as though I have been cut in half.
I have forever lost your precious charms.

My soul will always lie right at your door,
On Merrilon, just like it has before.