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The Gods of Achaea.
The Gods are among the most powerful beings known in existence. All of the Gods, indeed, all of Creation came from the efforts of [[Ayar]]. At the dawn of time Ayar created first the [[:Elder Gods|Elder Gods]], who numbered twenty: [[Aegis]], [[Thoth]], [[Matsuhama]], [[Prospero]], [[Vastar]], [[Aeon]], [[Gaia]], [[Agatheis]], [[Shaitan]], [[Eros]], [[Scarlatti]], [[Caspian]], [[Twilight]], [[Lupus]], [[Lucretius]], [[Raclawice]], [[Valnurana]], [[Lorielan]], [[Daedalus]], and [[Khalas]].
Since the Elder Gods there have been more Divine to arise, some taking the place of those who have perished, fallen dormant or drifted into planes unknown. Greatest among all of the gods stands the [[Pentad]], the five most powerful immortals who transcend such distinctions as good and evil, order and chaos. They are [[Maya]], [[Clementius]], [[Daedalus]], [[Sarapis]] and [[Aeyr]].  


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