Songs for the Forests

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By: Elyan Posted on: January 29, 2007

I. Free Verse for the Aerinewild

Deep with mystery,
clear, brilliant, flawless
as the heart of a jewel.

Unspoken sanctity
slumbers dormant in the woods,
like dreams of summer.

Fiery with roses,
tangled in vines,
untouched by man.

Eupheme speaks:
Hail the wilds, friend.
Life begins here.


II. A Triolet for the Black Forest

In the Black Forest silence reigns,
a hallowed breathless awe.
still pools turn pale as daylight wanes.
In the Black Forest silence reigns.
Only wind whispers, quiet strains
of secrets that it saw.
In the Black Forest silence reigns,
a hallowed breathless awe.


III. A Pantoum for East Ithmia

East Ithmia, where flowers bloom,
where the white stag runs,
and the old stones speak of Nature's might!
Eleusis nestles in your embrace.
Where the white stag runs
in the sunlit woods,
Eleusis nestles in your embrace.
The great oaks whisper of your name
in the sunlit woods,
and the old stones speak of Nature's might.
The greak oaks whisper of your name:
East Ithmia, where flowers bloom.


IV. A Sonnet for North Ithmia

The shattered wood, the northern eaves
of Ithmia, once fair and bright,
lie dark and still. Decaying leaves
sigh underfoot, and yearn for light.

Here long ago proud Hashan's might
the forest carved, as minstrels tell.
The flowers died; the sickly blight
upon the woodland fell.

Yet even now, in shaded dell
young saplings reach toward the day.
The spring returns, and new life swells.
Forever Nature finds her way.

North Ithmia's endurance shows
where the elk run and the river flows.


V. A Double Nonet for the West Ithmia

In the deep heart of the great forest
lies an old deserted temple.
Amongst the ruins there roam
the dryads of the wood,
the flower maidens
trailing behind
in their wake.

the trees,
oaks and elms,
whisper of things
that were in their youth:
of the Earthmother's care,
of the battles in the woods.
All that has passed, and only trees
dwell in the heart of West Ithmia.


VI. A Sardine for the Aalen

Aalen, where the redwood towers,
and the graceful Tsol'aa roam
in their dear ancestral home
amongst the starry wildwood flowers.

Aalen, where the ocean sighs
against the gentle western shore,
and to the east the mountains soar
snow-topped, reaching to the skies.

Aalen, where, upon the air
the butterfly flits on dusky wing;
and down below lie, coiled to spring,
the basilisks with icy stare.

Aalen, perilous and fair.


VII. A Tanka for the Northreach

Northreach. Dark pines stand
shadowed, evergreen, sweet sap
floating on the breeze.
Soft moss strews the forest floor.
Drab greens and browns soothe the mind.


VIII. A Haiku for the Darkenwood

Forest in forest,
Darkenwood holds its secrets
shrouded in twilight.


IX. An Acrostic for the Aureliana

Amidst the ancient emerald trees,
Under the verdant canopy
Run the swift deer, free and wild,
Embraced by forest undefiled.

Light fades, and Calliope the fair
In her green grove lays down her cares.
Above her, lambent stars burn bright.
Night stirs; the silent owls take flight.

Aureliana dreams.