Siren Seducement/I was robbed(II)

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By: Dshinichi Posted on: September 19, 2006

Twice in a row, twice in a day,
Two Mhaldorians had their way,
O woe is me, o woe is me,
She was quite a hideous beauty.

Siren lineage, Siren blood,
The second thief who took a hard day's work,
Twice in a day, twice in a row,
Filling me with infinite sorrow.

It all began,
In Aeguary,
The 15th of the month, and early spring.

I'd done no harm, I'd done no wrong,
And whistling happily, he came along,
Waltzing from Fish Street to Silverdrop Inn,
He stole my gold and rapiers on a whim.

And with the shortsword he gave me,
I trot off to the sewers, so sadly,
To kill some rats, to earn some gold,
Not knowing the events about to unfold.

With Rajamalan speed and dexterity,
With Inspiration and lionlike ferocity,
The rats I slashed, the thugs I killed,
Plenty a gold from Hakhim, did it yield.

And from the shadows in Medina Street,
The prettiest thing I've yet to meet,
She stepped and walked,
And sang and talked,
All I could do was stand and gawk.

Then she stopped and gazed at me,
And sent off her soulmaster entity,
My roar echoed through Shallam's night.
Glaring at her, I prepared to fight.

"I have to stop her, I have to slash",
"If I don't I'll lose all my cash".
I gripped my shortsword in my hand,
I couldn't let this thievery become a trend.

Suddenly, a beautiful song filled the night,
I looked at the Siren beauty in Lady Ourania's light,
And all the rage that filled my heart,
In a rush began to depart.

Attack her? Attack her?
I could do no such a thing.
Hurt her? Hurt her?
What a stupid thing to THINK.

I shall say no more, the rest is a blur,
Except for everything that I lost to her:

My brooch of Thoth,
My gold of course,
And I passed to her with love,
My leather falconry glove.

My pestilence,
My firelash,
My icewall rings!
All gone, all gone to the pretty thing.