Sinope's Lament

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By: Thenidiel Posted on: July 30, 2006

Mother to a thousand humans, cursed,
The tainted scum of evil parentage,
I know no tale, neither sung nor versed,
That tells of such horrible heritage.

My duty to my mother, bless her heart,
I have fulfilled with every living breath,
And though sometimes I wish we were apart,
I must love my brother 'til my death.

Our bodies, twin and twain, are now as one,
The incestual stench of foul children, mine,
I lie back and let the shrieking tears all come,
My brother, lover, duty is my crime.

Curse you!, Lord Proteus, bringer of despair,
My darling children are blank minded too,
You say it's nothing, love is like air,
Though we hate it and we live it just like you.

Pasiphae, Anake, please do not fear,
I know that you must do the same as I.
But never falter, never shed a tear,
I am your mother, I shall never lie.

And though they come and give you Sceptre broke,
Sway not from your fair countenence and peace -
Do not stumble, do not cry and do not choke,
It is They that are to blame, for they are beasts.

They may have giv'n us green pastures, fertile,
A valley of golden sunflowers so dear,
But do not forget the violent rape, the bile,
That spewed from my mother's throat, a tear.

All of you, my descendents young and old,
I beg of you to hear my sad lament,
My mother, Lady Maya, brave and bold,
Did not give us such sorrow with intent.

Remember Her, my children, always know,
That in every glorious segment of thy soul,
Beats the heart of an Aldar, pure as snow,
And never to be stained by Evil's coal.