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Salieri, the musician, sells bardic instruments in his shop, located off Dejourdie Street in Caer Witrin. A handsome, lithe man with sapphire blue eyes and long, dark hair, Salieri is a man steeped in the bardic arts. He sways when he moves, as though he is dancing to some unheard melody; his calloused, ink-stained fingertips evidence of a lifetime of music performance and composition.


A bard's lute - 4000gp

A simple wood neck, bent at the end, connects with a sparsely-decorated sounding box, all part of this plain bardic lute. Stretched across its body with care are strings that give it music and life.

A bard's harp - 4000gp

A bard's harp is small and compact, easily carried while strolling or sitting. Its light wooden frame with solid base hold the taut strings at the ready for the bard's every need.

A bard's mandolin - 4000gp

Four pairs of strings stretch tautly across the pear-shaped face and body of this simple, wooden, bardic mandolin. Decorations are few and small, but the resonance of the instrument is pronounced.

A bard's flute - 4000gp

A small, highly polished, wooden flute shows evidence of careful but plain craftsmanship. Every hole, every notch is placed and shaped perfectly, but without the excesses of ornamentation so common elsewhere.

A bard's lyre - 4000gp

Two curved arms connect to a simple cross bar, forming a simple frame on which are stretched the strings of this lyre.