Propasia's Sacrifice

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By: Wivylma Posted on: September 03, 2006

Lovely, calm Propasia
Who lost her forest long ago,
Merged now with Urania,
Dwelling far from Vashnar's snow:

Do you regret, O spirit wise,
That sacrifice of your own soul
To cleanse this forest from the lies
of evil, and to make it whole?

As Galadriel once gave
Herself to raise the Earthmother,
And she, Gaia, strong and brave,
Gave Her essence to another.

First, to make the Darkenwood
And end the war with Twilight's force,
Then weakened in Her own Godhood,
She lost Herself for Nature's source.

As when Demeter took Her place
And almost by the wyrm was slain,
And could not keep the forests safe,
Another sacrifice was made.

The faeries four gave all their life,
Their mind and soul they gave for Her,
To free Her from that deadly strife,
And Nature's safety to assure.

Propasia, did you decide
to renew life through death, like they,
E'en as winter will provide
For spring's growth through its decay?

Or did your own bond run so deep
With your forest which we killed,
That life no hold on you could keep
When death your soul completely filled?