Pretty Young Thief

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By: Eitheladar Posted on: May 28, 2006

A pretty young thief stole my heart;
She hypnotized me from the start.
Her charms I just could not deny
When she looked me in the eye.

She made me all these lewd suggestions
And I did offer no resistance,
For when she snapped her fingers so
My self-control had just let go.

To ease the load off of my back
She helped me with my heavy pack.
She took my private journal, too,
To get to know me through and through.

She whispered then, "You won't need those..."
And made me give her all my clothes.
And when I did so, all could see
The huge effect she had on me.

I gave her all my precious vials
To help her through her daily trials,
And as a final loving gift
I gave her everything from my rift.

And now my love goes on and on
With all my bellwort flowers gone,
And my desire's a flame unending
Because she took my salve of mending.

"Oh pretty thief, you have my heart,
Now please don't let us be apart!"
But when an Ivory Mark passed by
She did not stop to say good-bye.

She stole my heart and ran away,
I have not seen her since that day.
I cannot have it back, I'm told:
To an Apostate it was sold.

A pretty young thief stole my heart...
She hypnotized me from the start.