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Phoebidas, the grocer, is a triton grocer who sells food in the agora of Lothos. Often sifting plankton in his shop, he is easily startled by visitors. His grocery is lined with shelves from the floor to the ceiling, the topmost shelves as easily accessible as those near the bottom through means of a few swimming strokes.

Phoebidas' Wares

Puffer fish - 400gp
Though its flesh is well-known as a poison to humanoids, this small fish is considered a delicacy favourite. A wide face and a pair of protruding eyes give the fish a comical visage, and the spotted scales covering its body make it easily identifiable. A combination of dorsal, pectoral, anal, and caudal fins flap erratically around the body of the creature, each one streaked through with bars of pale yellow. Ready to be consumed, the puffer fish is punctured at the base of its spine with a pointed stake, rendering it immobile and shortening its lifespan considerably.
Kelp - 30gp
Dried out to a dark green, the piece of kelp bears little relation to its former life in the ocean.
Raw oyster - 210gp
This oyster is round and oblong in shape, tapering off at one end. The wavy contours of its shell's layered grains are artistic in design, spanning the entire spectrum of shaded browns and tans. The halves of the shell are partially open, revealing a glimpse of the interior milky white casing and the pinkish meat held inside.
Herring - 50gp
This slick-sided adult fish is long, slender, and slippery. Glistening with water, its oily silver scales are bright and healthy, perfect for preparation into a fresh filet or eaten raw. Limp and lifeless at a first glance, a pair of circular black eyes stare unblinking ahead, each one a dark, empty, black abyss. Closer examination reveals a set of gills on each side of the herring's body, opening and closing in an almost imperceptible rhythm.
Red sea cucumber - 120gp
This fleshy, tube-like echinoderm is fat, bloated of form, and reddish-brown in colour. Five double-rows of complex sucker-feet line the underside of the creature. Short, soft, tentacles sprout from a circular mouth at one end, while down its back, tiny papilla wave about in the water. Pock marks decorate the fleshy skin of the creature, porous and profuse.
Fresh shark filet - 150gp
White ribbing runs through the body of this raw shark filet. Thick and tender, it is salted for preservation and pinkish red in colour. Its glossy flesh is unmarred and all major veins of fat are removed. The leftover lean meat is cut in an elongated circular shape, ready to be eaten raw or otherwise.
Turnip - 1000gp
This turnip is globular in shape and possesses a rooting tail. Slightly beaten up, the exterior is mottled and pockmarked.
Crunchy crustacean - 225gp
Native to the Eusian waters and a typical Lothian favourite, this little crustacean is still alive. Resembling a tiny crayfish, billions of faint hairs are affixed to its hard outer shell, and its two clawed forearms and eight thin, segmented legs wave weakly about. Multiple tubed antennule gesture back and forth near its two black, beady eyes, dwarfed by a pair of long, sweeping antenna feeling for objects within their proximity. A well-muscled thorax narrows into a segmented abdomen, ending with a fanned shell tail.