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Olleo, an orderly hawker is a street vendor of paper publications. The tall human pulls his polished acacia news cart and hawks his wares, the Silverveil Current newspaper, about the lower isles of Targossas.

Olleo's Wares

The Silverveil Current - 300gp
Delicate fronds and milky blossoms, reaped from native acacia trees, press into a broad sheet of papyrus - the foundations of a stately newspaper. Graced with an ornate border, fluvial filigree flows in swirling eddies of silver and shimmers with a soft luminescence, branching to display the publication's flag in striking, elegant script: 'The Silverveil Current'. An emblazoned, waxen seal at the folio's base exhibits the renowned crest of Targossas, the Dawnspear.