Old Friends

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By: Sahirah Posted on: September 05, 2006

She watched as her beloved lay still on a soft bed, each rise and fall of the chest entirely too prominent. For hours she sat, watching...waiting. There was little she could do but keep the small frame warm. Any attempts at giving water or food had long since passed.

Glancing around the room, she sighed miserably. Despite her best friend being in her hour of need, work was always forthcoming. On most days, there would rarely be ten minutes in which she could gather her thoughts. She silently believed the Garden had allowed her this time with her friend. In all likeliness, the last time she would ever have.

She remembers when she first met her companion. A gorgeous thing, with dainty features; they took to each other immediately. Despite being different, they learned to communicate in their own ways. There was nothing one would not do for the other. She met new acquaintances through her best friend and they went into business within her treasured Eleusian home. The arrangement was perfect. There was little she could offer besides shelter and food, and the others had little use for money.

As they grew older, they continued their partnership. Spoiling her new friends, she kept little money for herself. Her hair grew long and grey, her clothes old and tattered. Her friend remained ever spritely, age reflecting little in her pristine appearance. Always petite and beautiful… Until the last few days.

"Time has caught up to you so quickly, dear friend," she spoke softly, her face becoming stern as she continues to watch the diminutive frame. Her friend's breathing becomes laboured. The once bright eyes do not open. They have not for some time.

She gently cups a hand behind her friend's head, as if the tender act of touching will somehow release Death's hold. She shakes her head, not wanting to believe the inevitable. Tears well in her eyes, already mourning the loss. In her mind, she can see Lord Thoth's six-armed embrace closing ever tighter.

Wiping the dampness from her eyes, she resolves to concentrate on the now. Her friend needs her and she will not desert her, in body or thought.

Seconds pass...minutes...maybe hours. Both figures lay still. She blinks, the only clue she still resides in the mortal coil. She takes a deep breath â€" her closest friend has gone. She stands; lovingly wrapping her companion in the best cloth she owns and leaves the room, solemnly.

The ceremony was short, work was always forthcoming. Only she was present.

A small, wooden plaque stands where her friend rests. On it, she has written these words. "The best friend anyone could have, although you were feathers and only six inches tall. I will miss you, dearest. You are always in my heart. ~