O Foolish me/I was robbed

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By: Dshinichi Posted on: August 18, 2006

O Foolish me,
How could it be?
That I was robbed,
Oh so suddenly.

I saw the thief in front of me,
Just entered the realms had he,
Blind fool, I bowed his way,
With a flourish of my arm that ruined my day.

Why oh why did I not see?
His honours showed oh so clearly,
The King of Thieves, the Prince of Gold,
To run away, it would have told.

Snap! Snap! His fingers went,
And to his will, my mind was bent,
There he stood grinning mischeviously,
While my arms moved itself! I guarantee!

My gold I took from my pack,
I sorely regret not having a kitbag,
The gold that I earned, the gold that was mine,
I gave all to him, not left with a dime.

Then he eyed my rapiers suspiciously,
And gave a shrug helplessly,
My rapiers, unwielded I passed to him,
Gone like that, on a whim.

I sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably,
And this he did, perhaps out of pity?
He gave me a shortsword from his pack,
Laughed and said, "Go earn it back."

There never was a fool such as me,
To trust someone so blindly,
The most foolish fool on Achaean lands,
Be it Shallam, Cyrene or Minia and Lodi.

Now I stand on this balcony,
Glancing down, feeling melancholy,
I give a pained sigh, and the shortsword a pat,
Head off to the sewers to kill some rats.