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Nyirobi, Keeper of the Shrine, is dressed in a shimmering violet ritual robe and has a shaven head and hands as black as coal. She assists in rituals for the city of Hashan and the Spirit Walkers and oversees the Shrine of the Spirits, an area considered sacred by the House.

Nyirobi is an eminent scholar on rituals, as demonstrated by her rune-embroidered clothing, the elaborate runic tattoos that adorn her body, and the assortment of ritualistic artefacts that surround her. Having dedicated herself to her new position at the Shrine of the Spirits, she is unable to spend as much time researching the intricacies behind the nature of rituals as she once did, though she is still knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. She gladly imparts her wealth of information - such as on types of Divine Order rituals, general ritual workings, and the spiritual world - on adventurers who beseech her for it.

Originally an inhabitant of the spirit realm, Nyirobi was summoned to the material world through a complex, ancient ritual undertaken by the Spirit Walkers in Mayan of 433 AF, following the dream-like visions she had sent House members to inform them of her existence.