My First Visit to Mysia

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By: Qontal Posted on: May 31, 2006

My First Visit to Mysia
(Sestina Poem)

Written By: Qontal

My first trip away from my native Cyrene.
We have shoved off, to the island of Mysia.
I hear there are swashbuckling pirates
And flirtatious vixens called prostitutes.
Someone said nothing compares to the rum
That can be bought on the exotic island.

The boat takes off and to the island
We've set sail. Goodbye, friends in Cyrene!
I cannot wait to taste that legendary rum.
Up ahead, I can see the shores of Mysia.
Hello, you all-to-friendly prostitutes!
Ahoy, ye swashed and buckled pirates!

Already, we have met some friendly pirates.
I could live forever on this great island.
They are not so bad, the lady prostitutes,
In fact not unlike some ladies of Cyrene.
Yes, I do believe I like this land of Mysia.
Now, I am off to find some of that rum!

Into the Dancing Dryad to purchase rum.
We even met the famous Greybeard, the pirate!
He shared gossip about the people of Mysia.
How could anyone leave this interesting island?
It is so peaceful, unlike the city of Cyrene.
I have even enjoyed the seductive prostuties.

I woke up this morning with the prostitutes.
Do not quote me, but it might've been the rum.
This never would've happened in Cyrene.
I think I have angered some of the pirates.
This is a curious place, indeed, this island.
Perhaps I might not live forever in Mysia.

I have to find my way away from Mysia.
It was not my fault I offended a prostitute.
What is it with the people of this island?
If only I had stopped at four mugs of rum.
Without attracting attention of the pirates,
I finally boarded the boat. Home to Cyrene!

Not for all the rum in the land called Mysia
Would I return to the prostitutes and pirates.
Give me Cyrene, and keep your tawdry island.