Maric's Logosmas Wish

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By: Qontal Posted on: November 22, 2006

Maric, the filthy, lice-ridden ratman of Mhaldor, has a bit of a crush on Juliet, the Guide. This poem is my interpretation of how he might use a single Logosmas wish to take her courting.

Maric's Logosmas Wish

My lovely Mhun at the Ring of Portals,
You've pledged your life to help others.
At the newbies my friend Groukar chortles
But you are gentler than their mothers.

This Logosmas I've one humble request
To the helper in the pretty blue gown.
The next time Romeo takes his rest
I wish to take you out on the town.

Up Purgatory Road to the Streets of Sin,
We'd travel on over to Pestilent Way.
At the Worm and Grub Taproom we'd go in
For the food's the best around, they say.

From the Mhun steak I'd direct your eyes
To the plate of blood sausage and brains.
This food won't put fat on your thighs,
Although it might give you stomach pains.

Perhaps we'd take our food to the bridge
That spans the deep, underground lake.
Neath the gruesomely carved stalactite ridge
I'd convince you my feelings are not fake.

Then we'd hike up to Jirken's home
And help him with a bit of science.
After we can peruse a journal or tome.
He's quite accomodating to his clients.

Finally to the damned Cathedral we'd go
Straight through the Vestibule of Evil.
On bended knee I'd offer all my rat dough
If you'd agree to marry this devoted devil.