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Lorel, a tanner, lives in the Nilari village of Mount Gheladan. Smelling of grease and oil, he is a cheerful fellow with a wide grin and sparkling eyes. Lorel spends most of his time in his home where he crafts items from his stock of multi-hued leather.


A patchwork satchel - 150gp
A thick hide strap is attached to this large satchel, allowing it to be worn with ease. Patches of leather dyed in an array of bright colours are sewn together with large, strong stitches, reinforced by a sturdier layer of sheepskin beneath. Hanging from the bottom and sides of the container, numerous sparkling glass beads and shimmering feathers in a multitude of hues decorate the satchel, and polished silver buttons help keep several side pockets firmly closed.