Logosmas within

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By: Shuruk Posted on: November 28, 2006

Snaking looped minted holly boughs wreathed
Ambushing unwary lovers hanging eager sprigs of mistletoe
Clacking clashing confectioned swords eaten by eager sheaths
Sapience shines with Logosmas' glow

Tower bells reverberating ringing sounding exalted hopes
Flickering dancing writhing flames warming frigid Spire halls
Powdery multitudes icy flecks coating verdant valley slopes
Heart of the Vashnars heeding Logosmas' call

Stuffed full generously dangling stockings
Roasting succulent flavourful meal delectable sin
Mother sister singing haunting empyreal choir
Logosmas' greatest gift my beloved kin

Spreading goodwill smiles laughs cheers
Learning seeking compassion a vast sea
Striving pushing away banishing a world's fears
Logosmas' soul held within me