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Lacydes, the weaver, is a thin, cheerful triton with a well-oiled moustache on the island of Lothos. Like the other crafters, he sells his merchandise in the agora, under a market stall so wide that it covers the entire street. The cracked skin of his hands tell of the work put into his merchandise made from the natural resources of the ocean - containers of sharkskin leather, seaweed and kelp.

Lacydes' Wares

Woven pouch of wild seagrass - 1100gp
This hand-woven pouch is about the size of a human fist and earthen brown in colour. It is reminiscent of fine netting as the cord work crosses in an intricate pattern and leaves barely noticeable, evenly spaced gaps throughout the surface. A few tiny pearls are threaded through the tough seagrass fibers to provide a taste of decoration, some of them tinted with various shades of blue. Twine winds around the opening and doubles back, ready to close the pouch securely when pulled from either end.
Basket woven with delicate shells - 750gp
This oval-shaped basket has a widened mouth and is crafted from bands of driftwood and kelp. Its thin driftwood strips are wound in a counter clockwise direction like the spiral of a hermit crab seashell. The pieces are crosshatched tightly together such that the basket's surfaces look like a unified, ridged whole. The basket is thus flexible yet durable, able to be folded elsewhere when not in use or expanded fully for greater carrying capacity. Extra cords of twisted kelp hang from the circumference edge of the basket opening, their ends tied around ivory seashells both large and small.
Tapestry of the city of Lothos - 5000gp
The delicate silks of the water spider are woven tightly together to produce this elegant tapestry depicting the city of Lothos. Rich shades of blue and green shimmer from the intermeshed threads, mimicking the canvas of the Eusian Sea. In the foreground, shining black oysters with shimmering pearls sit upon an ocean shelf of great biodiversity at the bottom border of the tapestry, overflowing with abundance. Behind them, a magnificent underwater civilisation is laid out in full with ornate marble columns, soaring towers, and statues of warriors, artisans, and statesmen. Around it, thick kelp forests, fish-filled reef beds, lush seagrass fields, undersea sand dunes, and coral ranges beautify the city-state. In the very centre, a huge underwater citadel rises above all, from which black and white banners ripple freely in the ocean currents.
Shark-leather shoulder scabbard - 2500gp
Made of tough, impenetrable shark-skin dyed dark blue, this fine scabbard is durable and elegant. Richly patterned with strands of tough, twisted kelp, the fibres interlock with various silks that emulate the variable colours of the wine-dark sea. The interior of the scabbard is lined with a bronze alloy to provide the unbreakable skeleton framework of the sheath. Similarly, the tip is capped in the same metal, while the throat of the scabbard is embossed with signature Lothian pearls, the colour of creamy milk white and terminating at a single, raised scallop shell. A pair of strong, shark-skin straps are attached at both ends for slinging over the shoulder or across the chest.
Durable woven-kelp kitbag - 1400gp
A single wide shoulder-strap is fastened to each end of this rectangular kelp kitbag. Dozens of pouches, pockets, and folded slots serve as functional storage compartments and adornment with their artistic placement about the bag. Fasteners of buffed-down, triangular shark teeth, some of which are off-white and others slate grey, operate to keep the compartments closed. Ropes of seagrass strengthen the structure of the kitbag, running down its length in two thick parallel strips. Black netting is fastened to them on the outside, useful for securing larger objects.
Knife belt of woven kelp - 1500gp
Numerous interwoven strands of amber and dull green cured kelp comprise this weapon holster. Designed to be worn around the waist, an ingenious series of knotted eyelets allows the belt to be tightly secured despite the absence of any buckle. Each strengthened by a coating of resin, more than a dozen loops within the weave provide space for daggers or knives to slide inside and hang from their handles, readily accessible to the wearer. Despite its fine workmanship, the item bears loose fibres in places and lacks any sort of ornamentation.
Sealskin dagger sheath - 1950gp
Smooth grey sealskin leather held together by heavy needlework is fashioned into a short, tapering blade sheath. An elliptical band of burnished steel around its mouth adds rigidity to the holster, which is suitable for holding a knife or dagger. Areas of wear, nicks, and creases in the leather bespeak a rough history to date. An oiled inner lining allows a blade to be smoothly drawn or sheathed within.