Khalas cults and followers

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A byproduct of the long imprisonment of the Elder God Khalas was the widespread existence of many cults in His name. These 'Cults of Khalas' would often be reclusive and even at times rebellious by nature. The teachings and customs of these cults were as widespread as themselves, though many sought to exemplify the ideas of rebellion, others chose a more enigmatic wanderer’s approach. Open warfare between the more aggressive cults was not unheard of, for without an official Order or Divine to govern their actions, these cults would attempt to seize power over one another in their zealous missions as representation of Khalas.

Known Cults

The Petra cult - lead by Or'mus

The Thera cult - lead by Nirelo

While not a cult per the usual standards, the modern day faith preached by adventurers was lead by Asmodron.

Known Cult Members, Followers and Students

Name Info Status
Or'mus Head of the Petra cult Presumed Deceased
Erilen Member of Petra cult. Last known heading towards Ashtan Unknown
Relfarein Member of Petra cult Deceased
Leiegos Member of Petra cult Deceased
Nirelo Head of Thera cult Unknown
Asmodron Known adventurer, follower and preacher of Khalas Alive
Enheduanna Aldar and once student of Khalas. Twisted within the Inferno and later empowered by Babel Deceased
Han-Silnar Aldar and once student of Khalas. Enslaved to the command of Lorielan. Betrayed his once teacher and slew Him Alive