Ketaab-e Rang o Rang

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By: Shokufeh Posted on: April 05, 2007

Ketaab-e Rang o Rang (A Book of Many Colours)

~Forgive me, for I choose to clutch at your heart, when only you came to read to be entertained, or to pass judgment about the quality of my skill with words. Forgive me dear one.~

(The Colour of my Life)

Of marriages, family, and clans; of guilds and cities and teachers; of bustling
and teeming citizenry: No one left alone, a social place.

The young and fervent of spirit, hurrying on a new journey, a basket of
experience not yet gained.
Stop for me.
Tell to me of you, that I might feel your joy?

The venerable and journeyed, hurrying to dragondom and gods, a basket of
experience, brimming but unshared.
Stop for me.
Tell to me of you, that I might know your wisdom?

The dragons and the gods, looking down as the rest look up, roving eyes that
see the booming tides but overlook the quiet pools.
Hear my prayers, and my song, for my voice does not carry in the thunderous
crash of the surf which is yours to command.

I think that I may be alone, and I do not wish it so.

Under the Tree
(The Colour of my Body)

Shall I
Find a bauble~
Return a bead~
Or save a child,
That I might grow
In strength
And in power?

Shall I
Capture a butterfly~
Catch a fish~
Or sacrifice a lamb,
That I might grow
In strength
And in power?

Shall I
Kill a beast~
Vanquish a foe~
Or win a war,
That I might grow
In strength
And in power?

Shall I, Must I
To be a citizen of this land,
A somebody,
And not a nobody?

My answer is surely no.

My best friend,
The Tree of Yggdrasil;
There under often am I found,
Conviction without a defence;
My only title of renown: Unranked.

(The Colour of my Heart)

Revel in the victory that is already yours,
Whether of short or long duration:

Live it now, in passion and in fullness,
Exult in the gift breathed upon you:

Spare others the loss
Of what you could never bestow upon them:

I will be no instrument, I will wield no weapon
To deny you your right
To the blessing that you were given:

(The Colour of my Spirit)

I look about me, and see that the Land of Sapience thrives and thrives. All
around are persons of industry, and teachers of knowledge, and artisans and
crafters of all makes.
It is a rich land, with an intricate tapestry. The tapestry is woven by all
the sentients who walk the Land, weaving daily by their hands.

It is Doing.

We weave, we explore, we battle, we learn, we craft. We Do. The balance
scales of life in the Land tilt heavily in favour of Doing, because we are
rewarded for Doing.

What then of its counter-balance, known to me as Being? Can I not colour the
Land, by Being who I am? I can. Here then, let me Be, before I Do. For I
cannot Do my best, until I am me and know who I am. I cannot Do my best, by
emulating another, or following the course of lives gone before me. I am not
the same colour as another.

It is all right to Be, and not constantly Do.

Let me shine as I was created to Be, and then I will be able to Do as I was
designed. Am I not unique, and loved as I was made? Is it not a truth for each
other as well? Is it not our commonality, that we are all of us individuals?

Should the Land of Sapience and her gods embrace individuals who are Being, not
simply exclusively Doing, then it shall become a Land of many Colours. Gone
will be the days of simplistic White Day and Black Night. Vivid lives will
colour the new Day, and the Moon shall rise, casting Light in the Night that
was previously only darkness. Thus comes a new season, resplendent in full days
and nights, with passion for living--Being and Doing--seeping into every soul
and heart.