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Iruia, the baker, lives in the Nilari village of Mount Gheladan. Most of the time, this rat-like woman can be found inside her cabin, her forearms and cheeks covered in a healthy dusting of flour. In addition to baking, Iruia provides a few wares for starving newbies in need of sustenance.


Hot bowl of cabbage stew - 85gp
Pale green shreds of cabbage are piled high in this rough wooden bowl. The steam rising from the boiled leaves is thin and hot, searing the incautious nose. A thin, watery gravy covers the bottom of the bowl, shaded slightly umber from the slivers of lean mutton among the cabbage.
Loaf of fresh bread - 50gp
Sprinkled lightly with sesame seeds, this loaf of bread is fresh and piping hot. About a foot in length, the golden brown crust is speckled with a light dusting of flour. Firm yet pliant, a warm and inviting aroma wafts from the loaf.
Onion roll - 30gp
Rounded, oblong, and a smooth golden brown, this roll is freshly baked and deliciously soft. The bottom is slightly darker from the scorching heat of the baking oven. Yellow flecks of onion dot the surface of the roll, setting off the sheen of the unbroken crust.