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Ingae, Court Librarian serves the city of Hashan. She spends the bulk of her time in the libraries of the Crown Hall, and provides refreshments to adventurers who come to browse the volumes in circulation.


Cup of dark, fermented tea - 170gp
Wisps of steam curl up from the surface of a dark brewed cup of tea. Contained within a simple, pale lavender porcelain cup, the piping hot, fermented liquid continues to steep. Small bits of loose leaves float just beneath the unbroken meniscus of the aromatic fluid. The bitter pekoe's steam carries on it hints of elderberry and a dark, rich smokiness.
Cup of Ithmian spruce tea - 135gp
Shaped like a miniature amphora, this cup of tea is cool to the touch. Its two curved handles make it suitable for the two-handed drinking of its refreshing contents. The amber liquid within swirls lazily in a deosil circle, a few spruce needles dancing in the golden drink.
Glass of moon blossom tea - 140gp
Vapours of steam waft from this tall glass cup, heralding the tea's crisp, clean scent. The heated water within fogs up its vessel, leaving hazy the view of the steeping, pale fluid within. Resting atop the liquid's surface is a moonflower blossom, white as the fallen snow. A delicate line of pale, almost yellow green runs down the vein of each petal into the flower's heart.
Cup of salted arsenic tea - 150gp
Pitted and dented, this plain grey cup is fashioned of dull lead with a simple handle to grasp onto. A dark, viscous fluid identifiable as tea by its intensely bitter aroma fills the vessel. Coarse grains of undissolved salts bob along the surface of the mocha-toned liquid, the granules breaking up the uniformly brown drink with speckles of brilliant white.
Cup of smoked-leaf tea - 145gp
Piping hot, this cup of tea produces a bold, smoky scent that is reminiscent of burning pine. The pekoe has a rich, ruddy-orange colour, the hue of the sky set ablaze as the sun sets. Small dark green and burnt orange flecks of loose tea leaves float along the surface of the drink and sink slowly, collecting at the bottom of the murky liquid.
Tall glass of apple-pear juice - 120gp
Ice cubes clink against the confines of the tall, skinny cylinder. Pale yellow apple juice mixes with intensely golden pulp from pears inside the drink at a frenetic pace. The speed of the liquid's current is betrayed by tiny, dancing flecks suspended within that vaguely resemble dried red pepper seeds. The cold of the beverage has caused a thick sheen of condensation to accumulate on the glass.
Embellished leather manuscript - 12000gp
Grand and immense, this manuscript bears the semblance of a great tome. Bound in a layer of thick, tenebrous leather, the cover has been decorated with what seems to be a series of repeating lines. A heavy iron clasp holds the item together, and the same metal fixes the spine in two thick bands. Pressed into the cover, a silver ouroboros has been embellished: round and polished, a white moonstone fills the hollow of the snake's eye socket as it eagerly devours its own tail. Decorous gilding in silver edges each heavy vellum page.
Delicate, silver-dusted scroll - 4000gp
Creamy parchment, frail to the touch but deceptively flexible, has been carefully rolled into a simple scroll. Causing the paper to shimmer lightly in the ambient light, silver shavings have been set into the parchment. A silky black ribbon is wrapped snugly around the document, tied in a loose bow to keep it bound when not being read.
Astronomer's journal - 8000gp
Heavily worked kidskin stretches across the bindings of this simple journal. Dyed a matte black, the leather covers encompass a hefty bundle of pristine parchment, soft white papers, bound evenly and orderly. Scattered about the front and back of the journal are groups of tiny white gems, grouped purposefully into recreations of the constellations. The ornaments glint softly in the light, as if trapping starlight in their infinitesimal smallness. Crawling up the spine are silver veins, basking in the adjacent astral glow.
Nocturnal journal - 7500gp
Creamy lambskin binds the covers of this artfully crafted journal. Embossed upon the covers in metallic inks, intricate depictions of three distinct planets draw the eye. Dutifully labeled Noxtra, Lunastra, and Somnustra, each rendition theorises the geometric and compositional makeup of the Supernal Triad in painstaking detail. Sandwiched between the artistic covers, sheaves of pristine parchment lie waiting, the edges of each sheet carefully gilded in copper tones.