Hunter's Creed

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By: Forure Posted on: July 30, 2006

Full rising moon, Ourania's eye
illuminates the eastern sky;
Her light drifts through the canopy,
falling softly on the leaves.

I am here, Lord;
Quell my fear, Lord;
Show the way, Lord;
This I pray.

Cloaked in shade the hunter stands
with eyes alert and spear in hands.
The scent of musk hangs in the air
as he offers up his silent prayer.

I beseech thee
Lupus, teach me.
I shall obey thee.
This I pray.

He waits in silence 'til he hears
the footsteps of the robust deer.
The hunt is on; he swift gives chase.
He moves with fluid ease and grace.

Lupus guide me.
Stand beside me.
Lord, convey me.
This I pray.

As swiftly as the hunt begins,
the hunter's spear ushers its end.
He pauses then, and kneels to pay
his last respects to fallen prey.

Night conceal her;
Forest heal her;
Lupus save her;
This I pray