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Eubulus, the publican, is the heavy-set triton who owns and runs the Eubulean Inn in the underwater city of Lothos, an establishment that offers a range of seafoods and comfortable lodging to travellers. Due to his simple garments, lack of aesthetic adornments, and hairy appearance, Eubulus resembles a rustic, but nevertheless welcoming, hard-working triton.

Eubulus' Wares

Salad of seaweed and kelp greens - 120gp
Situated upon a shallow dish of rough black coral, wide strips of fresh green seaweed and dark kelp leaves are tossed together as a salad. The healthy colour of the ocean vegetables is speckled with brown seeds and topped with a pinch of sea salt. Altogether it is a wholesome entree of grains and fibres.
Raw oysters in half-shells - 275gp
Five large, slippery oysters sit within the pearly-white halves of their ridged, barnacled shells. Immobile but alive, the glistening skin of the mollusks are a healthy light tan, their soft bodies a poetic contrast to its hard outer valve. They rest upon a rounded dish, chilled to keep the food fresh.
Sea snail and shrimp kabob - 160gp
Eight pieces of alternating raw shrimp and sea snail meat are skewered on a slender metal wand. One end of the silver spike is capped by a smooth wooden handle carved to resemble the coiling shell of a gastropod. The small pink shrimp and pale, greenish snails are mostly dead, although a few still squirm weakly where they are impaled. A dusting of oceanic spices and sprigs of underwater herbs garnish the kabob.
Raw salmon filet - 280gp
Thick and tender, this raw salmon is freshly prepared and cut into a rectangular filet. Cleaned of scales and rubbed with sea salt and a variety of seasonings, the meat is adorned with underwater leeks and seeds. Parallel white ribbing runs through the pinkish body of the boneless cut of salmon.
Plate of shucked oysters - 410gp
Now without their shells, these oysters are shucked free and scooped into a shallow, round-sided plate. Fresh and healthy, they sit upon each other, decorated with a generous sprinkling of spices, fronds, and crystallised sea salt. The contents of the plate consist of an ample meal, accented by a small water lily decorating the surface.
Fresh oysters wrapped in seaweed - 330gp
Removed from their shells, muscled, bite-sized oysters are arranged in a circle on a silver platter. About their middles, each is wrapped in thin layers of salted seaweed, the plant exhibiting a healthy dark green colour. The oysters come in a variety of types and sizes, each alluding to unique flavours, while toothpicks are jammed through the mollusks to pick up and eat without dirtying the fingers.