Enslaving My Own

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By: Parleone Posted on: August 31, 2006

It was a day like any other in Mhaldor. Screams echoed from the lower levels of the city of Evil, the Miasma floated dangerously in the outskirts of the fortress, the red was the only colour that called for attention in the blood that dripped in the dark walls of the island of Suffering and Oppression. It was a normal day for Drogo, the greedy travelling merchant. It was a normal day for Maric, the insatiable rat man. It was even a normal day for the filthy humgii that made Pestilent Way his home, having already had his daily quota of foul shortswords and decaying backpacks. Yet it was not a normal day for Gack, the cruel slave master of Mhaldor.

Many years have passed since Gack, the barer of the chains in Mhaldor, had started his profession as slave master, and since then he had already seen his share of bizarre events and brutal happenings, which he saw only as learning experiences to help him pursue his own greatness by purging his weaknesses from his soul, body and mind. There was still to come, the happening that would leave him baffled and completely rendered to absolute cruelty and world-shattering brutality. But not for long!

Gack was teaching a few lessons about respect to some low-life Mhun scum that had been recently captured when he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. These footsteps were much more decisive and determined than the ones he was used to hear wandering around the slave market looking for new field plates and more herbs, and they could only mean one thing, "Clientèle", said Gack in a joyful manner that scared the slaves in such a manner that made them position themselves in a military-fashion stance without Gack even having to rise his whip. Gack licked the palm of his hand and combed his oily hair (or what was left of it) with it to try and attain, yet unsuccessfully, a respectable businessman look for himself. As the footsteps grew in volume so did the shaking of the slave's legs and Gack's smile. The steps grew bigger and bigger until they culminated in a thunderous echo within the walls of the slave market, only to suddenly stop, at the turn of the corner, giving sight to a medium-build vulture of a man that walked quickly yet carefully. As distance became smaller between the figure and Gack, he began noticing a male Infernal with cobalt flowing robes, baggy trousers and a bloody silky shirt, sliding through the streets of the slave market without a single emotion in his foul heart, leaving waves of uncomfortable warmth as he passed. Gack's smile grew bigger and bigger ever more showing his rotten teeth as he made a beckoning movement towards the slaves.

"Welcome to the Slave Market. What is that you are looking for?" asked Gack. The infernal stopped right in front of the Slave Master with his head low and face covered by the robe's hood, only leaving the white of his smile in the midst of the darkness that shrouded his face.

"Unfortunately I am not here to buy anything but to make business. I am a slaver. And I am here to show you my Mhun adolescent slave," said the figure as he lifted the hood from his head leaving to be seen his own Mhun facial figures and Gack's stunned look of surprise.

"But! But you're a MHUN!" Exclaimed Gack with an expressive baffled look in his face. "How can you be a slaver? Mhuns don't enslave! They ARE enslaved! And what kind of Mhun are you that enslaves his own kind?!"

The infernal smiled as he already expected that response from Gack and took a long deep breath before he looked at Gack and started explaining himself:

"Indeed I am a Mhun. It is my birthmark and my curse. I am proud to be a Mhun even though, since my birth, Moghedu's path has been a different one than mine. I am a Mhun, yes. I was born in Moghedu, yes. But my home is Mhaldor and my family are those who stand beside me defending my city."

Gack's face started to bare a comprehensive look and the Infernal continued.

"Ever since my foul birth, and the death of my mother at birth that I had been treated by my fellow Mhuns just like a slave. I was cast aside from their daily routines to be shackled and mangled for years, serving as a slave for everyone's needs. During my young years they were the slave masters and I was the slave. Until, one day, I was set free by my own desire for greatness, my own desire for delicious revenge!" stated the Mhun Infernal just before licking his fingers in a delightful manner as if he was tasting the blood of the Mhuns that he slaughtered and enslaved in the past.

"And now?" Gack asked.

"And now? Well now I am a Maldaathi and a follower of Suffering and Oppression therefore I believe the weak shall be dominated by the strong. And I have spent years improving my mind, my soul and my body with one single desire: Revenge. I conjured what was blackest and foulest inside of me to fuel my desire to achieve complete control upon those who once ruled over me. And for years I have been slaughtering and butchering every Mhun I see be it by the gum of the blade or by the lock of the shackles." Stated the Maldaathi with a confident expression revealing a small grin as his eyes spaced out probably due to him thinking of his past experiences with Mhuns.

"Well then! said Gack with an expression of absolute delight, "what is it that you have for me then?"

"Ahhhha!" made the Maldaathi just before releasing a high pitched whistle calling to him his falcon. As just a few seconds later a majestic dark-red, phoenix-like falcon appeared pecking a bunch of shackled, skinny adolescent Mhuns that crawled with a scared look upon their faces. The Infernal grabbed the shackles and licked the falcon in a sign of appreciation just before handing the shackles to Gack, who accepted them with a greedy look in his eyes.

"Well I guess no one should doubt the Maldaathi's desire for greatness, now should we?" said Gack as he chuckled loudly dropping a bag of coins in the Infernal's hand. "Pleasure doing business with you!"