Edict of Shadows

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The Edict of Shadows is a set of ideals set forth by the leadership of Hashan to set the city on a path toward a future free of tyrannical powers.

We, the People of Hashan, in recognizing that:

  • Stagnancy and blind obedience breed ineptitude;
  • No height is the greatest height, merely a stepping stone to greatness;
  • Mysteries of the multiverse are to be grasped to increase our collective knowledge;
  • One must seek to surpass themselves and rise above lesser principles and restrictive standards;

Do declare:

  • To amass the knowledge of the multiverse and those with open minds shall ascend above as greater mortals;
  • To become heralds of knowledge and progress, bringing forth our hand to shape this world towards a greater future, ensuring its continuance from the self-destructive path its misguided residents have taken;
  • To guide the people of the world away from oppressive and stunting principles, and thus pave a way to a greater tomorrow;
  • To innovate, create and change within this world for the betterment of all, to progress beyond lesser ideals;

The Court of Shadows will no longer stand for the insufficient state of this world. Transcending the boundaries of this world, we will master Science, Magic, and all other fields that will present themselves to us in our heightened state. All Knowledge, from banal to enigmatic, will be amassed under our purview, so that understanding of the multiverse may begin with our world. The fearful, the closed-minded, the enemy of free thought will be shown their err. The turmoil of zealotry and idolatry will be scourged from this land. Our strength will be as the last bastion of rationality in a world consumed by irrationality, and the world shall unite beneath the shadow of our banner.