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Carver Dryn a tallish half-blood of unexplicit heritage, is a wood carver of Hashan. He potters about his workshop in the house of Damaris of Argent Lane.

Dryn's Wares

Leaping black lamassu figurehead - 12000gp
Crafted from the spruce of the Ithmia, this solid figurehead of a leaping lamassu affixes to the prow of the ship. Carved with exquisite care to detail, ebony stained wings arch backwards from her muscled panther body and her blood-red hair streams wildly behind her. Curling around the bow, her tail curves to lash the piece securely to the ship.
Wooden Ithmian box - 1200gp
Lined with a soft caress of vermillion silk, this beautiful box is hand-made using the finest Ithmian wood. Its sculpted body is gracefully rounded in shape and polished to a deep chestnut shine. Intricate carvings etched across the breadth of the lid depict scores of graceful lamassu leaping with dainty, dancing steps. Supported by four stubby legs, the box is around five inches in depth and large enough to store several items within its cushioned bed. A brass catch allows the two halves to be captured snugly together.
Hand-carved Ithmian pipe - 650gp
Crafted by hand with painstaking detail from wood native to the Northern Ithmia, this slender pipe fits snugly into the palm. Elegant markings, hand-carved with intricate precision, adorn the graceful arch of the stem. The bottom is gently rounded and the bowl itself lined with a fragile layer of silver. The metal cladding shines with luminescent grace and protects the polished, outside veneer.
Polished wooden hair bead - 300gp
No larger than the size of a thumbnail, this bead is simple in design, the only decoration a light layer of polish to bring out the golden tones of the wood. Running through the centre is a large hole, carved to enable a lock of hair to pass through.