Dinner at Apollyon's

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By: Sancero Posted on: October 30, 2006

There's something to be said about Mhaldorian gastric fortitude: they do love their suffering. Here we have a tour of the delicacies of the City of Evil.

-Dinner at Apollyon's-

In every town, on every street, just take a look around:
Floating eyeballs, spiders, scarecrows, pumpkins all abound.
But out of all the spooky things you'll find this Mayaween,
there's nothing quite as scary as Mhaldorian cuisine.

First, to whet the appetite, we have a little treat:
A scrumptious sampler platter of several unknown meats.
We don't know where they come from or how they were prepared,
but gird your taste-buds, open wide and try some if you dare.

A salad as our first course doesn't seem the least bit odd
'til you realize that the lettuce is, in fact, a lycopod.
The cheese on top may have the scent of old and musty shoes,
but you'll want to eat this salad quick, or else it might eat you!

For your culinary pleasure next, allow us to provide
a hefty plate of pork brains with blood sausage on the side.
The brains are peppered nicely and then stewed in fat and basted.
It's sure to give your tongue a treat if you're brave enough to taste it.

Now loosen up your belt to make room for our main dishes.
Enjoy a juicy Mhun meat steak and a tongue that's just delicious!
They're both such tasty options that it's hard to choose between,
but eating both would likely turn you forty shades of green.

From the kitchen of Apollyon, to your dinner plate tonight,
we've proudly served the finest in Mhaldorian delights!
Finally we have dessert: a pastry made of blood.
It makes the perfect ending for a meal of such fine food!

As we let the kitchen fires die and gather up the plates,
we hope your palette's satisfied by all these wondrous tastes.
Be sure to tell your friends about Mhaldor's fantastic fare!
And if you'd like to have some more, the privy's over there.