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By: Azurin Posted on: March 28, 2006

The bard both wit and insght boasts,
Then with his prey absconds,
To parry, sing and then riposte,
In the treetops of which he's fond

Magi bring to the field vibrations,
And wield the elements with ease,
Using thier arcane innovations,
To spread fire, ice and foul disease

The Runewarden stands firm holding his ground,
Propping a totem up for all to see,
When he whirls his runeblades around,
Few have the courage not to flee

Monks focus their minds and take fighting stances,
Snapping to action when the timing is right,
You're lucky if they give you any chances,
To mend your limbs, much less to fight

Priests call upon their Divine faith,
Smiting those who defy the light,
With angels to watch over them,
And healing to conquer any blight

Their brothers in arms, the paladins,
Send falcons to aid, spy and retrieve,
cleansing the enemies of their sins,
With a double-bladed cleave

The serpents slip past enemies unseen,
Stopping only to snipe a foe from afar,
With venoms secreted from their fangs so keen,
Like Curare, Loki and Prefarar

With animal spirits to boost their senses,
Druids fight with the forest's wrath,
Indomitable in grove defences,
Their writhing vines can choke your path

Sylvans tend the forest groves as well,
But gain power from the elements,
In Viridian form with powerfuls spells,
They resemble vine-covered giants

The sentinels are wardens of the woods,
Who leave no trace wherever they hide,
They check their traps for signs of trouble,
Patrolling with animals at their side

Marking their territory with jokes,
Jesters love to play their pranks,
So what if some ill-humoured folks,
Don't appreciate enough to give them thanks

Embracing death and causing fear,
Infernals are unholy knights,
They'll forge your soul into a spear,
And consume your heart in a matter of bites

With fiery Baalzadeens to do his bidding,
The apostate follows the Seven Truths with conviction,
If you expect his mercy you must be kidding,
He'll incapacitate you with endless affliction

Shrouded in secrecy the Occultists scheme,
Spreading Chaos with tarot and pacts,
Some might say that they blaspheme,
But they let karma guide their acts

The shamans fight with painful curses,
While fashioning puppets of their foes,
A vodun shake might lighten purses,
But Runelore brings more serious woes