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By: Peladoris Posted on: September 29, 2006


Twilight ushers in the darkness,
Kingdom of the lesser light.
Here forgotten memories kiss,
Distorted by the dream-fed night.

Lies that in he moonlight glisten,
Listeners in allies' guise,
Hidden silvery snakes that hiss and
Slither to their masters' sides.

Triad's city wraps in shadow
Dark Cabals and schemers' plans,
Seeming weak but having Heart to
Rule the unsuspecting lands.

So it was in days of glory!
Will it ever be again?
Is the Crown of Ithmia's story
Written now by lesser men?

Crown's Triumverate is sundered.
Twilight sleeps and rules no more.
Hashan's heritage is plundered
For a Planetary war.

Or perhaps He plots day's Dusk,
The planetarium His gift ...
Achaea soon to join Somnustra,
Pocketed in Twilight's rift.