Cauda Pavonis

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The Cauda Pavonis is the ancient hall of a cabal of alchemists. These alchemists profited from trading transmuted minerals and tonics to the elite who could afford them. Over time, however, these curatives were replaced by other more palatable and readily available remedies, and respect for the isolated order began to dwindle.

Eventually, the leader of the cabal made the fateful choice to depart from the society that shunned them once and for all. Secretly the Alchemists used their combined talents to displace the Cauda Pavonis to a fold in the ether: the space between planes.

It was not until an elemental imbalance, brought on by the sway of Nurazar, that Cauda Pavonis reappeared to the world. Their role in restoring the balance would bring about a wide-spread acceptance of the alchemist class, and rediscovery of mineral curative synthesis.