Castomira's Song

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By: Madelyne Posted on: April 23, 2006

Catarin was the daughter of King Valerias. She was pretty, clever, and had a good heart. She was everything her brother Mycale wasn not. When Valerias died, the land was torn over which of his children should replace him. Castomira Brangwin was the Duchess of Aster Malik, a tiny province. She was also Catarin's best friend growing up. However, she did not think Catarin should be queen. This is what I imagine Castomira may have been thinking to herself, the night before Catarin's death, based on the historical account from Leona Fontaine.

Where have you gone, sweet verses;
Stanzas and staves and quatrains?
The pain in my heart only worsens
And my tears fall like spring rains.

The sister of my soul, where are you?
We shared a life once, my love, my heart.
My perfect friend, you loved me, too
But now I hate you. Why? When did it start?

My fear caused my hate for you to grow
Strong enough to break a diamond ring.
The sun, it hurts. I hate the noon glow.
I wear black to hide that I am changing.

The king has died and now is my chance.
A sultry gaze and Lucius will do my will.
In Mycale's arms I whisper as we dance.
It is certain he shares my quest for evil.

To Jaru, I have sent a letter via dove
To Lucaine Pyramides, the deadliest knight.
He is to meet Catarin at midnight in a grove,
And bring me her head at dawn's first light.

My friend, my love, where have you gone?
Where is the soft smile my face once wore?
My friend, my love, oh Maya what have I done!
My heart has changed, I am not afraid anymore.