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Located just outside Dejourdie Street, the Caer Witrin toy store offers entertainment for adventurers of all ages. Its proprietor is an elderly toymaker who spends his days in the shop and his nights at home with his wife, the local florist.


An angel mask - 200gp
Carved from light wood and polished and laquered to a brilliant white, this mask portrays the smiling features of an angel. A gleaming halo of tinsel rests upon the wearer's head, and the whole is secured with a comfortable leather strap.
A devil mask - 200gp
Carved from light wood and polished and laquered to a fierce red, this mask portrays the twisted, leering features of a devil. A horse-hair goatee and two tall protruding horns complete the image, and the whole is secured with a comfortable leather strap.
A pair of rustic ice skating boots - 2000gp
Stamped with a repeating pattern of triangles at the toes, green-painted leather rises ankle-high to form each boot, the cracking finish easily weathered by use. A set of copper hooks runs down the front, and utilitarian, russet cotton laces crisscross back and forth between the metal attachments. Sharp and gleaming, the steel blades screwed firmly into each shoe's underside sprout jagged toe picks. Cotton-covered lamb's wool provides soft padding in the soles, the beige fabric lining the boots thick and practical.
A child's toy stuffed bear - 500gp
Made of plush fabric and stuffed with cotton, this bear is a child's toy and companion. A ring is attached to a string at the back, which activates some internal mechanism. The bear's arms are wide, inviting a hug, and its eyes are big, brown, and guileless.
A brightly painted toboggan - 50gp
A simple, flat expanse of wood, with the front end curved upwards, is lacquered a bright red. It is polished smooth, to slide easily across snow.
A bouncing ball - 50gp
This ball can easily be held in two hands, and is light and resilient, designed to bounce off any surface. A small enchantment has been placed upon it, so that it appears clear; within its depths swims a miniature image of the town of Caer Witrin, perfect in every detail, down to the tiny flakes of snow that fall constantly upon the roofs of the houses.
A clear glass bottle - 100gp
Gleaming in the light, this clear, shiny glass bottle lies on its side, pivoting about its centre of gravity on a single point of contact with the ground. Its movement is reminiscent of the traditional party game of spin-the-bottle, in which, as every young Achaean knows, you TOUCH BOTTLE to show your willingness to play, TURN BOTTLE to set it spinning when it's your turn, and finally PUSH BOTTLE to leave the game.
A clockwork soldier - 100gp
This brightly painted toy soldier is crafted of wood and metal, and stands about knee high. Springs and hinges at every joint show that the arms and legs are moveable, and a key in the back must be for a clockwork mechanism.
A yeti costume - 300gp
A full-length jumpsuit of thick wool hangs loosely about the wearer, obscuring their form and giving them the appearance of a huge, shambling monster. A pair of gloves hold padded leather mimicking claws, and gleaming black horns are similarly suggested by the arrangement of padding on the hood. A fierce monster mask completes the costume.
A snow leopard costume - 300gp
Thick wool is dyed to mimic the colouration of snow leopard fur, and two thick padded ears are sewn onto the hood which forms the head of the costume. A mask, portraying the face of a snow leopard bearing a fierce snarl, and secured with string, completes the ensemble.
A model guardian djinn - 100gp
Crafted from rough wood and sanded to perfection, this intricate model of a guardian djinn stands roughly knee high. Brightly painted upon the wood, a pair of sky-blue trousers and a blouse of royal purple have been carefully detailed in ink. A thin, gossamer veil has been secured to the head of the figure, concealing all of the facial features bar the black, beady eyes. Metal springs and hinges at every joint allow the model to be bent and twisted, allowing it to mimic the movements of the Shallamese guard flawlessly.
A snowy dragon toy - 300gp
Felt ears perk pointedly on this miniature wyrm's head, and a ruby-red, forked tongue in the same fabric lolls from a snubby maw, bright against its white-painted, wooden hide. Mimicking a set of scales, silver ink loops in a repeating pattern across the toy's back, and black opal eyes sparkle with an inner fire. Thin and scalloped, a pair of wings pokes out on each side of the wyrm's torso. At the tip of its tail, a string dangles with a brass hoop at one end for convenient pulling, and its spiky quartz claws remain safely dull to the touch.