Broken Brother

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By: Rok Posted on: January 24, 2007

Over the dark of Manara, heavy the Granite Hills roll,
Timeless green and heedless - of life in the tunnels below.
Deep in that mouldering darkness, dwells a creature of sun and sky,
Trapped is he and glory-robbed, no light in those mad blue eyes.

Held captive for their pleasure, but for him the only gifts -
Damp gloom and endless nightmare, the touch of a grey Gnoll kiss.
Bereft of all the treasures, of his life as he knew it before -
Of wind, of wings, of everything, that makes the Atavian heart soar.

Oh my broken brother! How my heart aches to see your pain.
How I long to free you, bring light to those blue eyes again.
So I will fight the Gnoll slavers, fight the Gnoll women, too.
Then gentle I'll speak and softly, as I reach out my hand to you.

Come my broken brother! Let us leave this perpetual night!
Take my hand, my brother, I will lead you back to the light.
Breathe deep the sweet air of freedom, feel the sun warm upon your skin.
Then with Wyvern strength I'll lift you - Up! Up! Into the skies again.