Artemis (Bardic)

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By: Wivylma Posted on: December 08, 2006

Born of Propasia
Sorrowing spirit
Long time she brooded
Strength ever failing,
Seed of the yew-tree
Full of destruction,
With the nine spirits
All their strength lending,
Foreign and strange words
All there were chanting,
Sibh, anachaine!"
Thus She burst forth.

No quiet green earth
Only its quaking
Tossing the cities
Snapping their buildings
Shaking the very
Bones of the mountains.

From fire's flicker
Roars out the blazes
Wildfires burning
Eating, destroying
With the great heat of
Ruptured volcanoes.

No gentle breezes
Only the wind's gusts
Whirling and blasting
Viscious tornadoes
Gales striking down all
Things in their pathways.

From little raindrops
Great pools of water
Oceans and rivers
Swell with tide's rising
Quick floods and rainstorms
Thunder and lightning.

All in a Goddess
Of Cataclysm.
Artemis, Lady
Fierce in Her striking,
Force of the violent
Tumult of Nature-
Look to us also
Mortal and feeble
Children of forests
And of volcanoes.
Come to our aide when
Nature is threatened
Make us to hear the
Earth's fatal shaking.
Blizzards of winter,
Swirl upon Her foes.
Lava and windstorms,
Keep ever thriving
Each Natural thing and
Nature's children.