Amalayan, Father of Orchard and Wine

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By: Deli Posted on: March 22, 2007

Amalayan, Father of Orchard and Wine

[A Poem based on my first trip to the majestic Amalayan to learn about the great food and the winemaking machine-this colorful rhyming poem is served as a traveler's account and is made to entice continental explorers to come to the Amalayan to enjoy the great food and wine and also,(Of course) the pleasant environment in the Amalayan. Several stanzas are grouped in individual sections to distinguish different scenes in the journey and different aspects of the Amalyan fields.]

Amalyan, Father of Orchard and Wine, by Deli

Looking out of Jaru's quiet inn
"Sleeping with the Fishes"
A breathtaking sight, indeed,
An epiphany to true wishes

A traveler, like I, walking into the midst
Of the Shamota groves and hills
Walking under the cresant moon
Reposing with solace and renew


Leaving behind the gate of East Jewel
And traveling to truly find
The land, pass the hedge, deep in the wood
And near the cerulean running vines

What great treasures lie beyond
The pash valleys and nature divines
A traveller, like I, following the oaken trail
Searching for the orchard in the mind

Flowing gently in harmony
Purple mountain and majestic hills
Following and musing of that orchard
Essence in the wintry chill


Fervently seeking and curiously searching
Of where the pungent orchard roots
And finally there, the magnificent
Amalayan fields of orchard and fruit

Trees ornamented with natural gems
Sinfully voluptuous as they seem
Between crystal ponds and emerald blade
Of Amalayan growth and green

Oranges, plums, lemons, cherries
Mountain of freshly ripe strawberries
Light shimmers off the crystal-like gems
perfect the beauty of black and raspberry

And to summarize Amalayan's gentle sweetness
With a thousand roses aromatic essence
Thus, the orchard gives a final signature
Of the majestic Maya's quintessence


Now turning to the cobbler sidewalk
To the ancient redwood building,
Inside the fluorescent garden and reaching vines
With green and red grapes overflowing

Fine grapes for wine excite our tongues
Blending with flowers, a double twist
Iris upon amaryllis, Iris upon orchids
Thickening the fragrances of Nature's bliss

A traveller, like I, entering the estate
Awe at these wonders, to know they exist
Now regained with a quick surge of power
A time of renewal in the heavenly mist

Hugging and dancing in the dinning room,
A burgundy carpet and filament of light
Outside the windows of the dine
A splendid display of geometric sight

Around the walls and the fireplace
Cool splashes of white in the room
Slowly lightening the mood with warmth and joy
Frightening away the gloom


Outside the window, overflowing meadows
Distant celestial groves, here and now
Inside the room, a pungent smell drifts
Friendly enough to make stomachs growl

And there humming, merchant Oinodes
Stacking cheeses and bread
His hair typifies a black wavy twister
On the waiter's jet black raven head

Astute and mysterious, as he seem
In his dark grim glittering eyes
Like the swaying chandeliers of sparkling glass
Reflecting the mahogany inside

He greeted his newly arrived guests
Noticing the traveler's excitement
Of this grand detour in Amalayan
And the soothing essence of contentment

Divulged with hubris, Oinodes thus
Showcases the restaurant's grandest meals
From Eagle crackers, crispy buttery,
To moist and dainty golden heels

Pouring glasses of sparkling red wine
Synchronizing with the Amalayan plates
Also, cheesecake, creamy with chocolate shell
A taste so good, it can drown all hate

Next he shows the icing of fresh sliced fruits
And menus none can turn down
These are mainly the dine and pleasures
That give Amalyan the crown


A few rooms away, Bakios
Greet the travellers warmly by hands
Just by the elegant machinery
An empty vat waiting on the sand

With fire of ado bursting in his eyes
He gladly teaches the way of making wine
Juicing with grapes from vines around
Making a wine takes a worthwhile time

Numerous combinations and tastes in spectrum
Many flowers to pick, pink, gold and chrome
And spices on rack, and wineskin and powder
All ready for travelers, like I, to take wine home


Amalayan, simply a masterpiece...
A nirvana for dwarves and men and power
A paradise to make your soul-driven wine
With the heavenly grapes and flower

Thus, the father of Orchard and wine
Gratefully offers his gift to the world
Fruits, and joy, into the empty vat
To make the taste of sybaritic pearls

Like a marriage, with a fruit in a hand
And a filled wineskin in another
Amalayan is thus a refuge for Epicureans
Simply a chef and wine-lover's brother


Enjoying Amalayan and the world Maya gives
And forever...the father of orchard and wine
Shall live