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Adelphie, the potter, is a friendly, approachable young triton who markets her pottery in the agora of Lothos. Her strong voice can be heard across the underwater city as she periodically advertises her wares - functional art in the form of bowls, jars and urns.

Adelphie's Wares

Oceanic blue mosaic jug - 1700gp
This oblong jug is crafted of thousands of little square pieces, melded together to form an artistic kaleidoscope enitrely in shades of blue. From soft, pale periwinkle to the deep, dark navy, the jug mimics the many moods of the great Eusian Ocean. The pieces are a mix of buffed inlaid stones and coloured glass, glistening as though wet due to their smoothness and texture. A flowing mouth tapers out at one end of the jug's topmost opening while a curving handle sits prominently affixed to the other.
Black pearl vase - 2500gp
Feminine curves outline the body of this shapely pearl vase. Made of smooth and polished pearl-like textures, the vase reflects distorted images of nearby objects across its surface. The vase is black, bordering on a shade of dark, slate grey, and opens its wide, circular mouth from a narrow neck. Etched into the exterior is a chalk-white display of flowing lines dancing across the rounded belly of the vase in a myriad of even proportions.
Rounded bowl of red coral - 1250gp
With a diameter of two hand spans, this shallow bowl is shaped into a perfect circle. Intricate crosshatching and invaginations decorate the interior and exterior of the vessel, reminiscent of the coral's natural former appearance. The open mouth of the bowl is shaped into curvaceous waves that undulate like the edge of an oyster shell, smooth and even. A deep, blood red in colour, the bowl is a vibrant, colourful example of fine Lothian pottery-work.
Painted clay amphora - 3500gp
This long, slender vase stands two feet high with a wide circular mouth and a ring base. Two handles flow out from a tall neck narrower than the amphora belly to reattach at the vase's curved shoulders. A scene has been decorated around the rounded surface, depicting two legions of tritons advancing upon either side of a large, floating gate. Their helmets and spear tips are artistically enlarged to entertain with an abstract flair, bristling at angry angles towards the opposing army. Flowing geometric designs cover the amphora foot and neck to encircle the scene and rest of the container surface.
Lidded jar lined with seashells - 750gp
Sitting prettily with lid firmly closed, a square jar displays a myriad of pearls and ocean seashells upon its otherwise transparent exterior. Dried sanddollars are fastened to all four sides of the jar body, around which scoops, whelks, and the flatter halves of bivalve shells are fitted to cover the remaining exposed walls perfectly. Where there are openings, glistening, polished pearls are inserted, while inside, the container is lined with a soft carpet of woven seagrass. The lid fits comfortably atop the jar, overlapping the square mouth securely to ensure that it is unable to slide free of the contraption.