Achaean Mornings

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By: Lyanna Posted on: February 22, 2007

A triptych of mornings, each one an important moment in the life of a priestess.

1. Eleusian Wonder

Soft drops of dew
glisten on the leaves.
Birdsong falls in with the sunlight.

The window is moist
from the forest haze
A butterfly lands on a wildflower

The forest awakens
the Priest in its midst.
The young girl first looks for her Angel.

But then she takes note
of the forest around
Takes note of the Ithmian beauty.

She can see promise
in the living dawn,
assuring a wonderful future.

She watches the world,
a smile on her face,
enchanted with Eleusian wonder.

2. Shallamese Light

Dawn brings live and light of day,
another day to fight.
Fight for glory, fight for Good,
and fight for Holy Light.

There's no time for wondering:
there'll soon be an attack.
The fight takes all her focus,
keeps her from looking back.

She stands waiting in the ranks,
her Angel by her side,
sunken in her strong beliefs;
the Codex is her guide.

Then meteors start flying,
and Monks channel their Kai.
She's soon submerged in fighting
the fight for Shallamese Light.

3. Cyrenian Home

The bells softly tingle:
the morning has come.
The sun climbs above the mounts.

She starts the morning
with Blizzard Kawhe
as cold as the snow outside.

Though the kawhe is cold,
the fire is warm,
and she contentedly sighs.

She looks out the window
with flowers on the pane.
The snow glistens in the light.

It takes just one moment
for her to realize
that she has finally come home
to her Cyrenian home.