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The following is the current policy on adventurer pages.

Who deserves a page?

Only those who have made a significant and long-standing effect on Achaea should have a page. Further, it is inappropriate to create a page on the basis that someone won or founded something. In this case, it is likely that the main article will give more background information. An example of this would be that winners of the Staff of Nicator would be better listed on the staff’s page itself, rather than in a separate page. Indeed, under this policy founding a guild or organisation is no longer grounds for a page to be created.

If a page for an adventurer is created and has little to no content to substantiate its part in the wiki, it will be deleted by an administrator. This decision will not be debatable.

What should be on an adventurer page?

Details of any significant contribution to Achaea that would not fit or be given relevant background on another page should be included.


Adventurer pages will be watched very closely and any inappropriate edits or addition of anything that breaches these policies may have serious consequences for you!