A Warning of Retribution

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By: Alpa Posted on: January 26, 2007

In the slumbering of a distant age,
in what manners of evil did forefathers engage?
To walk the starry-night pathways,
and do as they willed with the forest deeps.

The creeping of a coming child,
kept down so deep -- far beneath.
Growing stronger all the while,
with each great passing of time.

Earthen turmoil, and tempests rage,
growing waters, that no one can cage.
The coming of the One with wrath,
to destroy those that cross nature's path.

The Exiled One now gets revenge,
now the embodiment of nature's rage.
For the touch of the cataclysmic hand,
may Her reach know no bound or end.

Raging like the coming fires,
clash of lightening, and thunderous din.
She is wild-eyed with destructive fury,
transgressions on nature met without a jury.

So take heed to not stand in Her wake, like the coming storm.
For the Cataclysm and its Mistress knows,
that by the earthly plights and winter snows
That though your trials and hardships may come and go,
you should hope that you do not find a tragic and cataclysmic end.